Identity Process

Beginning to Now

Name Development

Step 1

Identity name brainstorming, classical and romantic approach along with archetype quiz. Quiz archetype result, creative. 

Step 2 

Classical names: Nathan, NYN, N2

Romantic names: Paper & Pen, Doodle, Basement 

Archetype names: Creative,  original, innovative, visionary

Step 3 

Combining personality, design style, with archetype direction to discover a name. The love of food, simplicity, and quirkiness.

Step 4 

The discovery of Duck Soup. A synonym of simple, an easy task. Simplicity with hidden confidence, paired with step 3’s ideas. 


The fluidity and rounded organic shape of liquid, soup, the cusp, was the starting point when exploring different types. Therefore, a more rounded serif font was chosen. 

The choice for a more modernistic and sans-serif font was selected because it aligns with the origins of Duck Soup, simplicity. 

Font Selected: Glober

Logo Development

1. One of the first Iteration sketches that led to the final mark. 

3. Color exploration,  simplification, and direction of logo reexamined. 

5. Logo experimentation with color variations for more versatility in various applications.

7. A cup of Duck Soup, for the smaller identity applications. 

2. Second iteration, In the process of refining original logo.

4. New logo, concerns of adding dimension along with simplistic detail addressed. 

6. Soup is presented in numerous ways. There is no single approach to design. Therefore, Soup Plate Duck. 

8. The can of Duck Soup, for use in applications that are under construction and development.